Monday, February 23, 2009


he friendly white cat is back. Until I know he or she's name I will refer to it as Duchess. Surely a starlet in the making. Can't you just picture Duchess with diamond choker.
I wonder if anyone has found anymore updates on white cat mythology?
I found a little more here below
The new ones
Some sailors will not board a ship after a white cat.
The cat has to be taken off and board after the sailor.
Dreaming of a white cat talking to you is sign of a new baby.
Saying good morning to a white cat meaning a smiling day.
Not saying good morning to a white cat means a crying day.
White cat passing a white door means ill health is upon you.
The previous ones
n cat lore white cats are a symbol of light and good.
In the UK a white cat crossing your path is considered unlucky.
It America it is considered lucky if a white cat crosses your path.
Also too though in America it is considered unlucky to see a white cat at night
To dream of a white cat is considered a fortuitous omen, a portent of glad tidings, creativity and a contented spritual life.
To kill a white cat leaves your soul to the devil.
A white cat is often considered an angel, say hell0 and they will watch over you.
Unlike the black cat myths, the white cat has little attached to it in mythology.
In some versions of the tale of Rapunzel she had 3 white cats to help her spin her hair into a golden ladder for her lover.
Unlike the Manx cat and the black cat, the white cat seems to be relatively myth free. Perhaps you know of a white cat myth of superstition in your part of the world?